Levens Dream. 

Levens Dream. 

Liz Clough is an artist, designer and maker living and working in East London. She develops projects around people and communities alongside creating personal work. She is the curator of Red Door Studios and works from her studio there.

Coming from a long line of artists, designers and craftspeople who placed great emphasis on drawing meant she grew up surrounded by drawings made by many generations of her family, it was through their work that she found out more about where she came from. This fuelled her desire to draw and it is now a medium she practices constantly. 

Her work both in and out of the studio explores themes relating to the human condition, people and their stories, the importance of community and why it is important. Analysing, understanding and challenging norms in our society, the desire to escape and search for what exists beyond the constraints of daily life, the idea of connection, nature and why humans often place themselves on the outside of it looking in.

The public space at Red Door Studios hosts an ongoing project for which she collects and displays objects personal to herself and others, each with a story to tell. An antidote to the clinical and pristine idea of the art gallery and the impersonal atmosphere of public spaces. She invites all to leave their stories behind for others to find. It is a collection that relies on trust and respect for those who give to it and those who visit. To find out whats in the collection click Hiraeth.

For queries, commissions and collaborations please contact curator.reddoor@gmail.com

'The Other Place' drawings from a current project exploring hypnagogia: what exists in the space between being awake and being asleep.

Drawings and sketches taken from recent community projects.


She also works for inventor and artist Tim Hunkin and his London arcade of satirical slot machines 'Novelty Automation'

Previous collaborations/freelance work and clients include: National Film and Television School, Uk Film Council, British Film Institute, Emergency Exit Arts, Blonstein and Associates, Pioneer Projects, London and Quadrant, Community Links, Brampton Manor Academy, Google, Cubitt Arts, Prowl Magazine, Amelia's Magazine, The Grocery, Lisa Luxx, Universal, Mango Films, London Legacy Development Corporation.