Liz Clough is an artist in residence at Red Door, she curates the public space, does much of the design work for the studio and is the creative director. You will also find her making coffees and serving cakes in the pop up cafe. She strives to ensure that every project at Red Door can develop organically around the needs and aspirations of the people involved. The physical space itself is an ongoing project for which she collects and displays objects personal to her and others, each with a story to tell. An antidote to the clinical and pristine idea of the art gallery and the impersonal atmosphere of public spaces. She invites all to leave their stories behind for others to find. It is a collection that relies on trust and respect for those who give to it and those who visit. 

She is interested in the nuances of people and ordinary life, their relationships with each other, their stories and the meaning and importance of community. Her visual artwork and other work at Red Door reflect this, the different things feed each other. She is driven by a desire to explore, understand and challenge culturally and historically embedded norms. She constantly draws from life and uses a sketchbook as a tool to document, learn and remember and also to develop her own personal narratives.

Previous work has included set design and art direction/department for film and events, concept drawing for film, community/public arts projects, teaching and arts and health work.

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Some recent drawings 

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