The Oracle by Tim Hunkin

The Sugar Girls photograph donated by Pauline Ellis 

David Cameron the sex squid by Ben Bennett

Photograph by Marco Zaffino photographer for cult underground magazine Prowl, part of a hidden art series he did, there are paintings hidden in the frames. 

piece by Ryan Bock 

Lewisham Market, Void Void Void drawings by Liz Clough

I thought you were a memory stick, Drawing by David Clough

Cuban Film Poster, personal collection

Anubis by Sally 

Paper Mache Tiger, personal collection 

Paulo by Andy Palmer 

Furniture handmade and donated by Ben Bennett

Cushion covers handmade and donated by Beeke Ropers

Dressmakers Dummy donated by former creative director of Red Door Studios Dolores Maisonneuvve

!960s Giant Ledger from.........donated by Diana Jones

Full set of Handmade giant Scrabble tiles made by Liz Clough

Greenwich Bonfire celebrations poster, emergency exit arts 1985 

Unknown found painting donated by Lucia Bonadies

Morris Dancer cross stitch donated by Christine Gray 

Standing stone slate by Peter Wright

The conversation drawing by Liz Clough

Lucy drawing by Nessa 

Photograph from 'portrait of a pyrotechnician' collection: Liz Clough

BBC Keyboard found in a radio shed in an abandoned site on the thames 

Skeleton bought on eBay and left on our doorstep squashed into a suitcase