Hiraeth is a Welsh word for which there is no direct English translation. It describes a kind of homesickness for more than your physical home, a sense of longing and deep nostalgia. To feel Hiraeth is to yearn for a home you cannot return to, that no longer exists, or maybe never was. It is sometimes used to describe the beauty of the Welsh landscape or when discussing a collective past.   

I find the sound and meaning of the word quite beautiful and also deeply familiar, a feeling of being incomplete and also complete at exactly the same moment. 

I have always collected and become attached to objects, often found, made or acquired and having little or no financial value, I am interested in what gives something we own value, and why and how this is connected to our view of ourselves, our memories, our past and also our idea of status. 

The public space at Red Door hosts a growing collection of personal and thoughtful objects. They have been donated by the local community, RDS artists and sometimes from further afield. They are often handmade. RDS has never asked for donations and all objects have been volunteered. This page grew out of a desire to acknowledge this kindness. The space now reflects all those who frequent it and tells an evolving story. An antidote to the clinical and pristine idea of the art gallery and the impersonal atmosphere of public spaces. We now invite all to leave their stories behind for others to find.

I believe an attachment to objects and what we consciously and subconsciously choose to represent ourselves with is laced with our own personal Hiraeth.

I want to express thanks to everyone who has given something to Red Door Studios, whether it be objects, artwork, craft, time, ideas, music or something else, the collection is growing continuously.

In no particular order.......

- The Oracle, early automata made by inventor Tim Hunkin

- Portrait of The Tate and Lyle Sugar Girls in the 1950s photograph donated by a cousin Pauline Ellis.

- Photograph by Marco Zaffino photographer for cult underground magazine Prowl, part of a hidden art series he did, there are paintings hidden in the frames, lent by poet Lisa Luxx. 

- Mural by New York artist Ryan Bock, painted during his residency at RDS

- Bench in memory of Reggie Gray and coffee table made by Ben Bennett

- Stone Story made by Alison Jones. An artwork inside an old hat box. The box contains a giant Turban which itself contains other treasures. In wax melted into the bottom of the box is the story of Icarus's journey to the sun. 

- Borough of Greenwich, Bonfire night celebrations poster, Emergency Exit Arts 1985

- Drawing: The Conversation, Painting: Void Void Void and photograph from 'portrait of a pyrotechnician'  by Liz Clough

- Anubis mosaic and ceramic faces by RDS resident designer Sally Asbury

- Selection of paintings by RDS resident painter Lucia Bonadies

- Drawing: I thought you were a memory stick, by David Clough

- Slate sculpture and paper mache Ogre by Peter Wright

- Morris Dancer cross stitch and crocheted Red Door Studios cushions made by Christine Gray

- David Cameron the sex squid for RDS React to Brexit project, made by Ben Bennett

'- Drawing of my dog Lucy' by Nessa aged 9

- Cushion covers made by Beeke Ropers

 - Full set of handmade giant Scrabble tiles and Lamp from Schools human Skeleton, made by Liz Clough.

- 'Paulo' painting by Andy Palmer

- Photos of wigs and haircuts taken in John Denis' hairdressers on High Street South in the 1960s (its now a Betfred) lent by owner Frank.

- Dressmakers Dummy belonging to former creative director of Red Door Studios Dolores Maisonneuve

- !960s Giant Ledger from.........donated by Diana Jones

- Found painting by unknown artist, lent by resident painter Lucia Bonadies

- Paper Mache and leather Tiger and BBC Keyboard found in a radio shed in an abandoned site on the thames........?

- Sign on toilet door made by Abi Bown

- Mirror lent by resident designer Alberta Jones

- Vinyl Album by Fred Snow

- Rosemary, Angels wings, Spider plants, Passion flower, Mother of Thousands, Money Plant, Castor Plant, Maidens hair, String of Hearts and hanging plants given by Kalina Jankowska, Peter Wright, Ben Bennett and Richard Meyer.  

To be continued.......

The collection relies on trust and respect for those who give to it and those who visit. If you would like to donate please by when we are open or get in touch via our contact form here