What we do......

Red Door Studios  offers  affordable  desk  space,  it also has a public  space.  Using this space we seek to collaborate with inspiring people doing interesting things. As well as working on projects internally we want to bring an eclectic mix of events to our community.

Despite  existing  within  London’s  increasingly  corporate  and  identikit  environment,  we  prioritise  independent  thinking  and  believe working  on a small  grassroots  scale  is important and valuable, feeling  that  communities  should be led  by the people  who exist within them.  We  seek  to  bring  forward less heard voices and open up conversation.

We are not open all the time, just for events, but we run a pop up cafe  on Saturdays (every  Saturday  during  the  summer months)  serving  delicious  homemade  food.  Click  here  for  information  and  dates.  We  welcome  ideas  and  love to meet our community so come in and say  hi  or  send  us  a  message using  our  get  in  touch  page.

One day we will leave the driving egotism of individual art. We will return to an art which will express not our self divisions and separateness from our fellows, but the responsibility we have for our fellows and our brother and sisterhood.
— Doris lessing