A collaborative photography project between Elizabeth Clough, Jacqueline Mccullough and 12 local people with an interest in photography. The group explored personal ideas around family life using photography as their medium, some who initially had little experience were able to develop their skills over the 10 week time frame. The project culminated in an exhibition of 60 portraits with accompanying text that represented family for those involved.

Elizabeth produced a collection of photographic portraits 'Portrait of a Pyrotechnician' of her father David Clough which were also exhibited.

The Womens Project:

Was the first phase of PhotoSpeak, it took place in 2013 when community education specialist Trina Geasley, Elizabeth Clough and Jacqueline McCullough embarked on a 10 week photography project with 8 local women. It culminated in photographic portraits of 50 East London women. Conversations took place with over 100 women and their hopes for a future generation were recorded.  An exhibition and a book published about the project was officially launched by local charity Community Links and the London Legacy Development Corporation at their premises in Stratford.

Photospeak was funded by the London Legacy Development Corporation and London and Quadrant and supported by local charity Community Links.




The photographers were: Sid Hamilton, Mark Bettis, Just Judd, Dinesh Venkatesan, Tiegh Leader, Ysr Mahmood, Wendy Bartley, Simon Barnes, Ralph Corkill, Franklin Adesuyan, Peter Holmes, Jacqueline Mcullough.

The Women's Project: Jenny Morrison, Judith Richards, Sarah M Salem, Kamlesh Kaur, Suzy de Freitas, Tripti Maheshwari, Zoulfa Bossoura, Maxine Krey, Trina Geasley, Elizabeth Clough.