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Plastic Plankton Workshop

As part of our current exhibition 'The Waste of Time' an installation by Di Jones, we are offering another free workshop.

Due to the success of our last one and spurred on by the fantastic creatures local people made we are excited to offer the opportunity for more plastic fun on Saturday 23rd February.

We will be Investigating plankton - micro organisms that drift in our rivers and seas - and making fantastical planktonic creatures invented by you, using our collection of colourful plastic debris.

We will be exploring simple building techniques and image making with a lightbox.

The creatures created will become a part of 'The Waste of Time' exhibition and become an important part of our ongoing work around domestic waste plastics and the environment.

The workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities, adults, children and families. Children must be accompanied by an adult. The Red Doors pop up cafe will be open throughout for homemade cakes, lunches and coffee.