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Opening of two new sculptures at East Ham Nature Reserve.

Red Door Studios and East Ham Nature Reserve have teamed up in order to create two site specific artworks in response to the natural environment. The sculptures have been made by 2 local artists, Ilsa Colsell and Liz Clough and are made using natural and recycled materials.

We invite the local community to come and view the sculptures and meet the artists at:

East Ham nature reserve
1 Norman Road
E6 6HN

7pm - 9pm
Friday 27th July.

A little detail about the artists and works:

Ilsa Colsell is an artist and writer, living and working in London.

Her projects include sculpture, photography and text works, which look to collage and to the stage as a site for exploring multiple layers in a single visual plane.

Introducing groupings of flat, upright surfaces, made of wood and fabric to the landscape of the nature reserve, the works will suggest the stage flats used to mark out and backdrop scenes in a stage play. The flats internal supporting structure built around the stones, bracing themselves to stand, will form a new layer of convergence in the space; covering, revealing and drawing attention to them at the same time. Through this open process of assemblage, the stones will remain partially visible; their physical, provisional construction exposed by moving around and approaching the sculpture from different paths around the clearing.

Liz Clough is a painter, designer and maker based at Red Door Studios.

In a natural environment the phase of decay is as important as the phase of growth. All parts of the cycle are equally necessary and therefore there is no waste. Balance and symmetry are in abundance and this is what makes the natural world so beautiful. A willow circle, suspended represents this. It also references the circle as an ancient symbol used throughout history to represent totality, wholeness, the infinite and all cyclic movement.

This event is a part of East Ham Arts Festival and is supported by Newham council.



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