The Waste of Time - an interactive installation made from domestic waste plastics. / by Elizabeth Clough


Di jones is an artist and sculptor based in East London…..

She works with single use domestic waste plastics and plastic collected from Thames beaches in East London. Using the plastics as sculpting materials she transforms them into art pieces often referencing the sea life they are destroying in the natural world.

She has created ‘The Waste of Time’ an installation currently on display at Red Door Studios. It is part of an ongoing participatory project and collaboration with Red Door, creatively engaging the local community in making, whilst raising awareness around the terrible effect plastic is having on our environments.

Di has been running a series of free workshops at Red Door, open to all ages and abilities. Those attending have been investigating plankton, the micro organisms that drift in our rivers and seas, and through exploring simple 3D building techniques and image making with a lightbox they have been inventing and making fantastical planktonic creatures using Di’s collection of colourful plastic debris.

The project is evolving as it moves along and in response to the community involvement. The creatures are photographed and become part of the installation. Below are some images from the project, and the installation can be viewed during our open days. You will find details of these and any further workshops on our upcoming events page.

Some images of the original installation……